At Portelet Living, we think it's the simple, understated things that give the most pleasures in life. We offer, beautifully designed products - made to not only look great but built to last. Some of our products are handmade, others, like our Duralex Gigogne glasses are design classics. Enjoy your coffee in our ceramic version of the classic New York paper Anthora coffee cup with its distinctive 'we are happy to serve you' slogan, designed in NYC in the 1960s and a staple ever since.

Chalkboard labels - now available from Portelet Living

Our new chalkboard labels added
to your storage jars or drinking jars make for a clever and flexible labelling system. They are durable and look great.
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chalkboard labels on jars
chalkboard labels
drinking jar lid
i love new york
drinking jar with handle
drinking jar with handle
reproduction glass knob